What have I been up to this year? Well for starters, Steven & I are the proud new parents of little Gracie. Music fills the air in our household but performing has been put on the shelf for a bit. Becoming a mother has truly been a profound experience and in order to spend as much time with Grace, I have decided to move forward with all things from HOME . What's next for mama K? I will be launching my Etsy shop, 'Sweet Dreams Everyday' in late Spring of 2014 where I will sell handcrafted dream catchers, wall hangings, key chains, jewelry, ornaments, mobiles and nursery accents. I will also be making my blog interactive & updating weekly with DIY ideas for adult/kid crafts, recipes, "how to" youtube videos (music & crafts) and general updates. Stay tune for new music videos as well! I will be one busy mama bear!!

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Grace Izabela

Gracie was born at 1:06 AM September 7, 2013, 7lbs 7oz of AH-MAZING joy. Our little Gracie Bel.

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